Cycling Mumbai to Goa. The amazing trip take you through lush green Western Ghats of Konkan. Ride through winding roads passing through beautiful-tiny hamlet on way experiencing the countryside's villages and picturesque landscape views will definitely capture your spirit. Best season to hit this trail from October to March. Temperature changes from 35 degrees to max 25 degrees. Starting from morning to sweating evening,exploring people, food and places around. Delight in this exclusive experience that gives you ample time to relax on seashore away from overwhelming crowds.

The cycle tour...... start from city and industrial heart of of India "Mumbai". The city is powered by dreams, energy countless amazements and adventures. It sparkles and runs 24*7 on fast trail but has hidden magical experience to explore as well. Mumbai lies on the west coast of India, Capital of Maharashtra and the second most populous city in India. Rich in culture, tradition,food and industrialised habitant. This metropolitan city connects many other cities like Goa, Pune, Nagpur and many more.One such cycling trail which challenges you to push your limits from plane plateau to forest around.

Starting with Mumbai to Kashid is nothing short of a dream. Early morning start off with a stopever at Dattaguru for refreshment to taste a true lip smacking delicious 'Kand Poha and Sabudana Khichdi' over endless cups of chai, awaits you. Continuing the trail with feelings where concrete structure gives away to lush green surrounding is mesmerizing. This route offers plenty of regular stops for the night or for lunch. However, the noon Picnic lunch meals are best enjoying in quaint peaceful places under trees canopy. Enjoying the scenic vitas and watching birds play hide and seek,finally lands you up in Kashid.

After having great day at Kashid, next destination is Shrivardhan as the exotic and fantastic route continues along the beach, greenery one side and mountains on the other. Harihareshwar Kalbhairav temple is must visit on en route to Shrivardhan and Hernai Beach, calm soothing aura is unspeakable and truly divine, backyard of the temple has rocky beach also a must see. With enthusiasm and adrenaline rushing through journey continues to Srivardham. Clean and well maintained beaches by local authorities is really appreciable, nice promenade with fences to sit and enjoy the sea view.

Further, trail takes to you to Hernia port, which is main fishing village. Every evening hundreds of fishing boasts come back after fishing and gather to auction their catch. The fish auction is the essential trade step between fish landings and the trade. Business worth lakhs od rupees is carried out daily between 4 pm to 7 pm. Witnessing the fish auctions here is a awe inspiring experience and you could also hitch a ride in a bullock cart here!!

You could pay visit to the Kanakdurg fort with lighthouses offering splendid views of the ocean Suvarnadurg fort and the fishing village. Houses residing this beach are colorful and are colony of fisherman, enjoy freshly prepared seafood. One of the attractions is the Dashahbuja Ganesh temple,carved in white stone. Interestingly, One of the famous Ganapathi temples, One the of Ganapatipule beautifully crafted in Rajasthani architecture. Another place near to this beach is Bhatyachi Khadimesmerizing scene of the river meeting the sea. Next on the list is Bhagvati Bunder an old harbour, which is not in use imprisoned here some part of this palace is turned into college now and yes, how we can forget the king of fruits here " Mangoes" - India is the largest producer of mangoes globally. (You will find plenty of Alphanso mangoes trees on the way to Coastal trails costal which is used in flavouring many local dishes and equally famous for cashews which are use as ingredient). Ratnagiri is famous for AlphansoMangoes, which is used in flooring many local dishes and equally famous for cashews which are used as major flavouring ingredient in Indian cuisines. As we are in land of beaches where there are varieties ready to serve on your plate. Food cooked in konkan style is completely different and a must try.

Coming to the of this trail Ambolgad to Malvan is calling you. Ambolgad village is the perfect destination for the overnight stay in Beach resort away from the crowd situated in thick green backgrounds along with 3 kms long widely virgin beach keep you busy and engaged with beautiful seabirds, colorful flowers and end with dancing of colourful clouds. Evening enjoy with delicious Malvani cuisine is a special touch to your taste. Next day you continue cycle to Malvan. This place is also paradise for scrubber diving, Malvan is one of the clear sea water for diving and snorkelling are major attractions out here. Near the outer walls of Singhugarg fort one can see lots of live corals and colorful marine life under the sea. A complete tourist attraction destination from food to historic places and filled adventure.

After ending a tiring cycling trail in Goa, Redi also named as Rewati is the last destination. Places like Yashwantgad ford, Shiroda, Aravali and Telekhol fort are historic monuments to visit here. Time to treat your taste buds with the local cuisine delicious recipes decently cooked in local flavours. India is heavenly diverse country where language, food attire changes within every few kilometres and after such wonderful day spending an evening on Goa beaches is nothing short of wining experience. Beaches,breeze and sand, Bonfire, local food, beverages and yes music to sum up the whole experience is just perfect.